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Koh Lanta offers a change of pace from the popular tourist spots of Phuket or Koh Samui. The roads are few, making the island extremely easy to navigate, and much quieter than more built-up islands, which means most tourists hire a motorbike and explore it for themselves.

Koh Lanta is tropical Thailand at its finest, offering miles of sandy beaches without another soul in sight, lush tropical forests teeming with life and authentic island villages where friendly natives gladly share their simple way of life.

Most Popular Activities in Koh Lanta

Diving in Koh Lanta Diving & Snorkeling from Koh Lanta

Endless amounts of words have been written about the fantastic diving and snorkelling available in the Andaman Sea. However, it bears repeating that the underwater world of this region of the globe is one of the most spectacular you will find anywhere. Read More...


Cooking Classes

You can find a cooking class being held on pretty much every beach on Lanta and the good news is that standards are generally quite high and the restaurants they are held in are worth a visit in their own right. Most classes start in the afternoon and offer the chance to prepare and eat several dishes, usually whilst sipping on a delectable cocktail. Try out Time for Lime in Klong Dao (+66 (0)75 684 590) or Spices & Herbs in Kantiang Bay (+66 (0)75 665 058).

Elephant Trekking in Koh Lanta

Elephant Trekking in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is covered in lush green forests laden with tropical birds, gorgeous plant life and stunning vistas. What better way to enjoy this island paradise than on the back of one of the most impressive animals on the face of the earth? There are several companies dotted throughout the island that can arrange a trek through the forest atop one of these fascinating creatures. Be aware that some of these tours offer the sometimes controversial Baby Elephant Show, where younger elephants do tricks for you, so check the itinery if you want to avoid this.

Tour Available: Koh Lanta Sightseeing Tour

Land-Based Tours

Lanta is easy to navigate and, as it’s only 25km long, most visitors choose to hire a motorbike (make sure you wear a helmet) or car to tour the island. If you are not that confident however, you can hire a taxi for half a day or join an organised tour. If you do drive yourself, be careful driving past Kantiang Bay as the road is not complete and do avoid all puddles anywhere on the island, as these are often conceal huge potholes. If you head out on your own, make sure you visit:

  1. The Old Town and the East coast in general, where life is more traditionally Thai. Be sure to travel on past the Old town to the Sea Gypsy village and Terminal Point for some fantastic photo opportunities and a great spot for lunch.
  2. Take the ferry over to Lanta Noi, where the roads are of a high standard and there is virtually no tourism but always a welcome smile and friendly wave.
  3. Kantiang Bay – a beautiful beach and a great little village for lunch.
  4. The Viewpoint for spectacular views over the east coast and the islands south of Lanta.

Lanta Muay Thai Gym

Lanta Gym is a professional and exciting place to train in Muay Thai. They have a range of trainers, some ex and current champion fighters from all over Thailand. The skills and techniques taught are excellent in a personal, approachable style. Beginners and children are welcome. Come and try this fun Thai experience. They also have genuine fights every Sunday at Williams stadium.

Address: 245 M.2 T.Saladan, A.Khoa Lanta Krabi 81150
Tel: +66 (0)89 739 7399

Thai Massage

It is hard to go anywhere in Koh Lanta without seeing massages advertised. From beach salas to high quality spas, Lanta has a diverse range in massage standards. If you opt for one on the beach, ask around for a recommendation and expect it to be cheap (around 300 baht). Hotel spas tend to offer a more western-approached massage with an equivalent price tag, so it may be best to head to one of the independents for better value.

Dreamy Spa in Long Beach (Tel: +66 (0)75 684 729) offers good value spa quality massages whilst Manee Lanta in Klong Dao (+66 (0)81 597 5996) has an excellent and well respected Thai masseuse, but can be a little rough!

Yoga in Koh lanta

If Lanta is not hot and sweaty enough for you, there are several well-respected Yoga classes offered around the island. Mona at Relax Bay Resort (Tel: +66 (0)75 684 194), has regular classes throughout the week but also check out the classes at The Sanctuary in Phrae Ae and Sri Lanta in Klong Nin (Tel: +66 (0)75 662 688).

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