Koh Lanta Nightlife

Where to Go at Night in Koh Lanta

Generally low key. Eat, drink, meet people at the local bars, sing at the Karaoke, see a local Thai boxing match. Koh Lanta isn't about a rollicking nightlife but you can have fun. After 9 - 10 pm, most shops will close in Saladan Village, but restaurants often open till late.

A lovely place to end the day is on the nice Klong Nin Beach. Try "Richey's" tree house", cool atmosphere, good music and a warm welcome. Beach bars are both plentiful and popular, walk along the beach to find them, usually they'll stay open as long as they've got customers.

Baan Saladan Nightlife Baan Saladan Nightlife

From about 19:00 onwards, Saladan is generally busy with many visitors choosing to shop as the temperature cools down or to eat at one of the many restaurants. Read More...

Koh Lanta's East Coast Nightlife East Coast Nightlife

Due to its location in respect to where most holidaymakers stay, the Old Town is generally a daytime destination, as most visitors are unwilling to travel back to their hotel on the west coast by motorbike late at night. Read More...

Lanta Northwest Coast Nightlife Northwest Coast Nightlife

The northwest coast has the highest concentration of bars, so whether you prefer, beach, traditional Thai, western, sports or even karaoke bars, they can all be found here. Read More...

Koh Lanta's Southwest Coast Nightlife Southwest Coast Nightlife

With a higher proportion of Muslims located on this part of the island, bars tend to be quieter, but generally of a higher standard. Do not expect late-night clubbing but a more chilled approached to drinking. Read More...


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